Flower pot menstrual cup review

Hello my lovely readers,

I am sorry for being so quiet, have a few ongoing things unfortunately leaving me with very little time to write but I still aim to post when I can.

Anyway on to telling you all about this cup o’ blood,that the company were kind enough to ship me in each size. (Though I was sent this product for review I have not been paid and all opinions are genuine)


Firstly the cup comes in super cute woven pouches that are amazing for storing your cup if you don’t have time to fully dry it after rinsing as the material is so breathable, this will also prevent mildew and damp smells, the patterns are extremely pretty. The Pouch is also a fantastic size meaning that you could comftably fit in your cup, a cup spot and a slim liner ready for a day out, I found this particulary hand for when I was due to start my period but unsure when it would finally come as it mean that I had everything I needed in a very compact way.

Another point about the packaging is that the information tags are not only informative with information about sizing, cleaning, insertion etc.. but also completely eco friendly meaning that there is no waste – the tags are ‘plantable’ meaning that there is teeny tiny seeds inside the paper so you can plant the booklet and grow something beautiful! Unfortunately I have no pictures of how these look when the plants grow as I have not yet been able to plant it however I am hoping to do this soon so I will keep you updated on that!


Though I recieved and tried both sizes of the cup, the smaller cup (the bud) was the best fit for me personally as I found the larger version (the bloom) too long for my medium/low cervix, however, this is a personal preference. The cup itself is a pointed V type with a short stick style stem that is fairly firm and solid, it is not a stretchy strem which for me wasn’t an issue as I tend to de-stem my cups anyway as I don’t need them but again, that will depend on preference. The cup its self is fairly soft, for me personally I do a lot of physical activity including pole fitness so I did crush the cup a few times causing leaks, though I do like the softer cup for more lazy days where I would not be doing much as I found it moulded to my body nicely and fit comfortably.

Image result for the flower pot menstrual cup

At the base of the cup there are 3 grip rings, these are not very prominent and if I am being honest did not really help at all when taking the cup out as my fingers slipped right off them, however, if you are very sensitivie down there these less prominent rings may be beneficial as they will rub and chafe less than a more prominent ring would. there are also 4 grip rings at the top of the cup which are slightly more prominent than the base grip rings but I still did not notice these inside me, personally I wouldn’t use these grip rings for anything but they may be useful for keeping hold of your cup when insrting or if you grip your cup from a higher point to remove it.


The rim of the cup is quite prominent and is a chunky rounded shape, this meant that the insertion point of the cup did remain quite wide, again this was not an issue for me but may be for some people, I actually quite like a more prominent rim as I feel it helps to prevent leaks but again that is personal preference.

Inside the cup there are capacity markings showing 7.5 ml and 15ml which is quite interesting if you want to monitor your bleeding. You could even turn it into a game, see how much you can bleed into the cup before losing your nerve and removing it, try to beat your personal best and all that, just me? Ok then moving on. 😛


The cup is made of 100% medical grade silicone which feels quite nice and soft – it is currently manufactured in china  but packaged and sold from a lovely WAHM in America. At the moment it is only available in clear and is a fairly generic cup however for me the USP is the quirky names and plantable booklet which I thought was a really nice touch. The customer service from this company was fab, she kept me updated on the postage of my parcel and was happy to answer my questions regarding the product (even on a sunday!!) as well as happily chatting about life in genral  which put a smile on my face.

Although I personally would prefer a firmer cup, this cup is great for anybody who may want a softer cup and from a service standpoint I would highly recommend this company! They also have a fantastic ethos which you can read about (HERE)

If you are interested this cup is available from (HERE) and (HERE) and is extremely reasonable in price if you are looking for a cup on a budget.

Run my pretties run to the squidgy silicone things that you let the red niagra falls do its thing in.






WIWTM – September 2016


Ok before I get into my post, I just want to apologise for my lack of posts the past four weeks, not only have I started a new job that is taking up a lot of my time at the minute, but also some family things have cropped up which I have had to tend to, but now I am back with a few posts lined up, I am bloody excited (pun intended).



So as always I will start with my liners from left to right

9 inch green lace liner (jersey topped) – By TCS-Eco

9 inch blue lace liner (jersey topped) – By TCS-Eco

10 inch red penis piranha liner (jersey topped) – By TCS-Eco

10 inch back to the future liner (jersey topped) – by Crimson Moon 

8 inch pink monkeys liner (cotton topped) – by Freckles Artistic Creations

8 inch green frogs liner (cotton topped) – by Freckles Artistic Creations




9 inch gold pad (jersey topped) – by Crimson Moon 

9 inch mermaid scales pad (jersey topped) – By Ngozi Sews

10 inch tie dye pad (Bamboo Velour topped) – by Beary Cute Bums



13 inch blue ducks pad (jersey topped) – by Lorraine Makes



13 inch flamingo pad (cotton topped) – by Freckles Artistic Creations

13 inch TNBC pad (jersey topped) – by Crimson Moon 

10 inch BB-8 pad (jersey topped) –  by Crimson Moon 

Menstrual cups


The flower pot cup size one (the bud) – from The Flower Pot Menstrual cup

Lena cup size one – purchased from Precious Stars

Monthly cup size one – from Menskopp


So that is everything I bled on this month including 6 liners, 3 regs, 1 heavy, 3 nights (13 pads total) and 3 cups.

In the next few weeks I will be posting a couple of long awaited reviews as well as some more menstrual myths.

For now,

Peace out x

Illegitimi non carborundum

It has been brought to my attention that my blog has been brought under fire on various occasions, due to a few of my posts etc…  (I am not going to go into any detail as to which posts as I would like to keep this as vague as possible in order to keep the people in question anonymous.)  Unfortunately the reason these posts were under fire was nothing to do with myself and simply a misunderstanding (or not knowing we could say) on my part, however, conclusions were jumped to about me, and my blog without anybody actually speaking to me personally.

If you have a question, issue, or just something you think I should know please let me know directly rather than questioning it behind my back. The posts that was in question (I am sure that the people who have discussed this will know which I mean) are being sorted and looked into (if you are one of these people please feel free to message me for a better explanation but I do not plan to discuss this matter with people who don’t need to know). I was totally unaware that an issue had been raised until now and even then I have had to find out myself and question it.

In future, if you have a concern or issue with anything I write about, any pads that I discuss, any reviews that I write etc.. Please let me know, as the chances are, like in this situation I am blissfully unaware of the concerns.

I do not want any drama or a witch hunt, I am an honest person and at times, maybe too nice and too honest for my own good, I am perhaps naive in a way as I trust too easily and do take things quite personally and have a habit of over thinking, but I am not a bad person and if you have any questions about myself or my blog, please speak to me about it rather than behind my back.

Sorry for the moan and sorry for being so vague, like I said I don’t want a witch hunt but I do feel this needed to be said as I have the upmost respect for many ladies in this community and I am new and still learning so if I make a mistake or any misinformation etc.. I would appreciate it if people could just drop me a PM to let me know.

Thank you for reading. I hope it makes some sense despite being vague.

EDIT: I am only goingto leave this post up long enough for the necessary people to read and contact me if possible as I would like to nip this in the bud now and clarify any misunderstandings.


Beary Cute Bums Review

Today I am doing a review of my items from Beary Cute Bums which [Spoiler alert] I love!

I asked Clare for a wet/dry bag and matching pad pod in the craziest, most colourful, funky pattern she could think of, and she sure did deliver!

I love the range of textures on the bag with the super soft minky, stretchy jersey and cool cotton, and the colours were lovely and vibrant as requested!

The bag has several pockets which makes it perfect for a day out, with mini open pockets perfect for storing small items such as painkillers, wipes, cup spots etc..  a larger open section (the hood with snap keeps everything in place) for storing fresh pads or cups and a zip up pocket for storing soiled pads until you get home.

I would say that you could fit a cup and a pad or a couple of liners in the purse which also makes it perfect for a day out, if you needed a larger bag this one would not be suitable however if you asked Clare I am sure that she would be able to whip up a larger version for you. The stitching and craftsmanship is incredible and honestly I was almost too nervous to use it as it was so pretty!

The only draw back I found to the bag was the fact that the ‘wet’ zip up section was actually lined with cotton so if you rinse your pads this may be an issue, however if you dry pail like myself this should be no issue as long as you are not storing for more than a few hours whilst out and about. A PUL lined zip section may be beneficial for some users.

I also received a lovely 10 inch bamboo velour pad which again was perfect in terms of appearance the stitching is orgasmic (yes I just referred to stitching as being sexually pleasurable that is how neat it is!) and the hand dyed fabric is absolutely stunning and silky soft to touch.


As soon as I got my paws on this pad I was so excited to try it out and once I did I was not disappointed! It was the perfect shape and width for me personally and the softness of the BV was like heaven against my vajayjay. The stitching was not at all irritating and infact other than feeling like I was wearing the softest undies in the world, I BEARly (Pun intended – I do know how to spell barely) noticed I had a pad on. This pad is a regular but I wore it on a heavy day in order to really test it and it held up really well against my gushing pussy and wicked away moisture really quickly leaving me feeling nice and dry.

A nice touch to the pad is the embroidered R on the wing to show it’s absorbency as if like me you have the memory of a goldfish having absorbency reminders is extremely useful and this was a nice way to do that as it meant no scratchy annoying labels that I end up trimming off anyway.


Finally I got a drying strap which again is very neatly stitched and it did the job, It had enough length for my pads to hang nicely but wasn’t so long that it meant less pads could be hung from it and it was very nice and strong holding a total of 14 wet pads before it began to stretch a bit (it still didn’t buckle though I think I could have got 2 or 3 more on!)


All in all I loved everything that I received and the customer service is always fabulous, even if you are not purchasing anything Clare is happy to assist and answer questions and runs a very lovely and active members group on Facebook (here) where there are exclusive offers and giveaways as well as a very lovely bunch of people to answer just about any question you can think of about cloth pads, cloth nappies, clothing items or life in general! The waiting for customs can take a small while but IMO for the quality of what you get it is more than worth the wait (and with young children and a thriving business Clare is basically a superhero to do as much as she does!)


I would seriously recommend giving this company a go or at least joining the members group if nothing else as honestly there are some of the very nicest and most genuine people there that I have ever spoken to!

The company can be found on Facebook here so go go go!




EDIT: as was the case comfort cloth I do help Clare out a little bit but I did purchase all of these items (other than the pad which was a gift from another very lovely lady but it was still paid for) myself with my own money so my reviews are honest and my own opinions, I have not been sponsored or told what to write in any way x

WIWTM – August 2016

So it is that time of the month again where I will tell you everything that I bled on this month. This month I was relatively light actually compared to the usual Niagara falls of death but anyway, let’s begin!



Some of you bright sparks may have seen the scrundies and thought ‘errrm Beth.. That is not a liner’ but rest assured I have not gone mad (not yet anyway!) they actually have a stitched in liner and they were fabulous for pole as they couldn’t slide when I was upside down like snap on liners do! So with that I will begin from left to right:

Liner scrundies – by Nichani CS Pads 

10 inch green liner (cotton topped) – Old style by Freckles Artistic Creations (Review of new style with comparison coming soon!)

8 inch Olaf liner (cotton topped) – by Funky Flow Cloth Sanitary pads and Accessories

8 inch owls liner (cotton topped) – by TLC pads 

7 inch unicorns thong liner (cotton topped) – by Comfort cloth pads

11 inch stripes liner (jersey topped) – by TCS-Eco 

10 inch back to the future liner (jersey topped) – by Crimson Moon 

10 inch pole dancers liner (cotton topped) – by Crimson Moon

10 inch nickelodeon liner (jersey topped) – by Crimson Moon



10 inch tie dye pad (Bamboo Velour topped) – by Beary Cute Bums (Review coming very soon!)



10 inch red pad (crushed velvet topped) – by Comfort cloth pads

10 inch guess how much I love you pad (cotton topped) – by Earth Junki

12 inch stripes pad (jersey topped) – By TCS-Eco  (sorry for the bleach spot if anyone is grossed out by that but in all fairness you shouldn’t be reading my bleeding blog (pun intended) if you are squeamish!)

12 inch geometric pad (jersey topped) – by TCS-Eco 



13 inch galaxy pad (cotton topped) – by Earth Junki

13 inch pole dancers pad (cotton topped) – by Crimson Moon (worn twice – this is actually a heavy pad but it held up so well for night time!)

14 inch sweary pad (jersey topped) – by The Wood Elves (Profanity pads)

Menstrual Cups


Lena cup size one – purchased from Precious Stars

AIWO cup (one size fits most) – from Menocup (review coming soon!)

The flower pot cup size one (the bud) – from The Flower Pot Menstrual cup (review also coming soon!)


so that is everything that I bled on this month, totaling 9 liners (inc scrundies), 1 reg, 4 heavy, 3 nights (17 pads total) and 3 cups.

Hope you enjoyed it, keep looking out over the next few weeks for a few exciting reviews and some more menstrual myths,

until then,

peace out x


p.s.  I apologise for the awful pics, still relying on my phone, but I have my camera back soon and have a proper photo background and lighting on order. Exciting!

Comfort Cloth Pads UK review

Today’s review is going to be on my selection of comfort cloth pads, I am not going to go into specifics on particular pads but the company and my pads as a whole.


First off the turnaround time for custom orders never fails to impress me, the longest I have ever waited is a week and Julie keeps you informed every step of the way as to where your order is/when it is started/finished etc.. The customer service is also a huge bonus to me as Julie is genuinely one of the most kind and caring ladies I have ever had the pleasure of speaking to, she is happy to answer any questions no matter how silly they may seem, she will tailor custom orders to your individual needs and even if you just want somebody to chat to she is always happy to listen.

The pads themselves are on the thicker side which I know some people do not like, however for me as mentioned in prior posts on my heavy days I enjoy a thicker pad as it feels like a little vagina cushion and helps me to feel really protected. The absorbency of the pads has always been great too, I wore my moderate bamboo velour pad on a heavy day by accident (I came on heavier than expected for the stage of my period) and the pad actually did hold up very well with no leaks until I was home and able to change it a few hours later, which I was ecstatic about as I really did not want to have to buy any sposies, all of my other pads have also held up equally as well!  The stitching is always neat and the pads come in a range of shapes and sizes, widths and toppers so there truly is something for everyone.

As well as pads Julie offers a range of extras including wet bags, scrundies, cup spots, wipes and cup pouches which are such good value that I simple can’t help but add a few additional items onto my order whenever I am buying! These are also very well made and if you can think of something you want the chances are Julie can do it, her range of products is amazing!


In terms of value, I can’t fault her either, honestly I feel almost guilty for buying it so cheap as the stuff is such high quality and in my opinion worth more! But I suppose I should not complain about being able to buy extra pads for my money!

I strongly believe that Julie deserves more recognition for her hard work! If you can’t tell from my pictures, I really do adore this brand so I would honestly recommend checking her out, also, if you need the extra push to try it out Julie has kindly agreed to offer a discount on readymade items for all of my readers, if you order using the code ‘BETH1’ you can get 20% discount on any orders over £15 and 30% over £30 whilst stocks last (even if you are an existing comfort cloth fan this offer is well worth taking advantage of!).

Comfort cloth can be found HERE on Facebook so run and get some pads before they sell out!

Thank you for reading!


DISCLAIMER: I do want to say that whilst I do help admin for Julie, my review is 100% honest and my own opinions and I have purchased my comfort cloth items myself and the reason I have so much is as I genuinely love the brand and the price is great, I admin as I love her stuff and want to help out, simple as!

p.s. I apologise for the awful pictures, I do not have my camera atm so had to rely on my phone, I will replace them asap!

Menstrual Myths: Cups and Toxic Shock

“Menstrual cups don’t absorb, so there is no risk of toxic shock syndrome” is a phrase I have heard several times within this community and somewhat worryingly, on the websites of various cup manufacturers.  I have also heard the phrase “The risk of TSS is significantly reduced compared to tampon use” which again, I find to be an extremely misleading claim possibly leading cup users into a false and potentially dangerous sense of security.

Before people freak out, I am not for one moment suggesting that menstrual cups are unsafe for use, however, I am saying that we can’t make sweeping statements as to the associated risks due to their being very little evidence to support claims meaning in reality, we are essentially venturing into the unknown.

The statistics

Though there is only one confirmed case of TSS as a direct result of menstrual cup use (full case study available here) I still find it hard to brand cups as being a safer alternative to tampons. First off from a UK population of around 60 million there were about 40 cases reported each year, only half of which are associated with women using tampons, other sources of TSS include burns, bites, boils and post surgery infection (Source: UK Public Health Laboratory Service 1985-1995)   so that is around 20 out of every 60 million, more recently Tampax claims that only between 1-4 tampon users out of every 100,000 will contract TSS and with over 70% of menstruating people in the USA using tampons that works out as around 1% (or less) of tampon users experiencing this .

So what does this mean for cup use?

Though there is only one confirmed case of TSS directly linked to menstrual cup use, significantly less people use menstrual cups than tampons, so statistically the two may be comparable. In short: whilst it can’t be concluded whether the risk of TSS is reduced or increased compared to tampon use, it can be confirmed that TSS is still an associated risk.

Personally, I still love my cups and will continue to use them and follow the recommendations and care instructions provided and by no means should you worry about using your cup, however, I did feel that it is important to discuss this and to make cup users aware that TSS is still a risk and to seek medical advice if any symptoms to occur, rather than denying that is could happen. Just wash your hands well before insertion or removal whether you are using a tampon or a cup, remove within the 12 hour guideline and aim to avoid internal protection on your extremely light days as this may increase trauma with insertion.

So next time you hear somebody discussing the risk of TSS and cup use, a gentle reminder to be careful would not go amiss.

I hope that this has enlightened some of you,

Remember what ever protection you choose it’s

#yourfannyyourchoice 😉

Beth x

Carolan Crafts Mug Cakes Review


Ok, so if you didn’t guess this product is certainly not something to bleed onto, unless you’re into that kinda thing I guess, no judgement here … 😛  Jokes aside this is something extremely tasty for the sugar cravings and with the new series of ‘Great British Bake Off’ fast approaching, what better thing to discuss than cake!

These cakes are super easy to make (honestly, I can’t bake to save my life and even I can do it!) and come with all ingredients included, you simply mix together in a mug, pop in the microwave for one minute, add the sauce pot and then finally enjoy. The whole process takes less than two minutes (including eating if you are a piggy like me) so they are great for cake cravings on a day when there is simply no time for baking  and make the perfect amount of cake for a single serving (I could quite happily devour multiple cakes at once, but will power has never been one of my strong points ;)). The first cake that I made I was reluctant to taste, I have memories of mug cakes that I have whipped together in the past which it would be fair to say were not the nicest, however, these ones are seriously delicious and taste just like cake that is fresh from the oven! Though, I have not yet mastered how to neatly mix the whole lot up mine always looks like a disaster, though a beautiful delicious one at that!

Initially I won a set of three cakes on a dip; however, they were so yummy that I simply had to order more! A variety of flavours are available including chocolate, black forest, coconut lime, lemon zing, chocolate orange and banoffee (full list of flavours available on facebook) all of the ones that I have tried have been delicious, though I must say, my current favourite has got to be the black forest cake! The chocolate sponge is super moist and the cherry sauce soaks in creating a gooey sensation, I am honestly drooling at the thought!

The only issue that I have ever had with these cakes (other than the weight I will gain from consumption :’)) is that I ordered a set from a market night and when they arrived a few of them had leaked and were sticky and unusable, however, I messaged Carolan and she was really lovely about the whole thing and this issue was very quickly resolved as she agreed to send me some replacements. The customer service is great, the cake is yum and prices are very reasonable at just £1.85 each or £5 for a set of three with special discounts during a variety of market nights.

I honestly could not recommend this company more!

They can be found on Facebook here and Etsy here so run my child, go and buy all of the cake!

Peace out,


EDIT: Unfortunately she does not yet have a gluten free range of cakes, however, if you discuss any dietary requirements with her I am sure that she would be more than happy to look into them for you!

The Wood Elves (Profanity Pads) review.


So I have finally had time to start typing up my reviews and since these pads were the first set that I ever purchased it seemed a good place to start! I was drawn to the rude prints as they made me laugh, I mean having sex in my pants when I can’t actually get any… Who wouldn’t want that?!

The first pads that I ordered were two 13 inch night time pads both in awesome sweary prints which pretty much explain my thought process at that time of the month, and here’s to hoping that the little demons living in my uterus and stomach that prod me with pitchforks will see it and get the message.  They are around 2.5 inches wide when snapped and the stitching on them is near perfect, they are fairly bulky pads but as I have previously discussed, I often prefer a thicker pad at night as I feel a little better protected and it’s like a little pillow for my vagina, after all vaginas need sleep too (I think I need more coffee at the point of writing this but let’s roll with it). They are topped in cotton jersey and backed in a super soft fleece, honestly I love these pads and for overnight use these are always the first ones that I reach for and the only ones that I feel 100% comfortable in to get a good night sleep that I have tried so far and I have never had an issue with leaking through or having to change in the night, which in the past has been an issue for me.


The next pads that I selected were two 12inch heavy pads (also topped with cotton jersey and backed in fleece), these are a similar width and thickness to the overnight pads which may make them impractical for day to day use as you may be able to see them through tighter clothes, however, for around the house or cosy evenings in your pjs whilst stuffing your face with all things bad for you and screaming at anyone who tries to disturb you (maybe that part is just me) they are super comfortable and cushiony (for some reason when I said that I starting singing ‘Just a cushion for your muffin, I aint lying’ in the tune to Poker face).


The final pad that I bough  was a 9 inch moderate, bamboo velour topped pad with the word ‘Pussy’ dyed onto it,  which I also thought was hilarious as I am a sucker for puns, so my pussy pad was now quite literally just that! Again, compared to moderates from other makers this pad was still quite thick although it was a lot slimmer than the heavies and overnight pads. I don’t often use moderate pads as I have a very heavy flow but this pad did hold up for a few hours on one of my ever so slightly lighter days, I would also use it for the first day of my period when I am not wanting to be caught off guard but also not wanting a huge pad as I can go from spotting to gushing in the space of minutes. The BV is beautifully soft and as with the others the stitching is incredibly neat.


All five of the pads washed very well and I had no issues with staining. The only thing I have found with these pads, in particular the night and heavy pads is that they do take longer to dry than my other pads even when tumble dried as they really do hang onto moisture! Not necessarily a bad thing just something to note. About the only other negative point that I could make regarding these pads is that the labels used whist useful in terms of showing absorbancy are quite stiff so if you are particularly sensitive these may cause a problem, however this could very easily be solved by simply snipping them off of if it is a custom order you could request no labels to be sewn on.

Hannah who owns the company is lovely and very happy to help and answer questions. She has a range of pads on her etsy store (don’t worry she has many none rude pads as well if these ones aren’t for you) and she also custom makes upon request. I would definitely recommend these pads as they are reasonably priced (starting from just £3.25 for a liner) and well made with a huge range to select from.

You can find this store on Etsy here and Facebook here

She also has two closed members groups for any questions and exclusive offers which can be found here and here.

Peace out,


Stop disposable shaming.

Ok, this is something that has been on my mind for a while, and initially I was going to write a post discussing cloth pad myths as my next post which I still plan to write and it will actually make some links to this post, but after a series of comments I have read in various groups and threads, I do feel that this post needs to come first. Only a small percentage of people are doing this but at the same time I feel that it is happening more often than I would like to believe from what I have always regarded as a highly accepting community.

I was reading a post yesterday by a newspaper that yes wrongfully referred to re-usable products as being disgusting, and as always, the comments were flooded with people having the same closed minded views around the issue, which I do not condone. However, what irked me even more was the amount of cloth pad users replying to these negative comments with responses such as ‘what so you’d rather shove a bleached cancer stick up there’ or ‘so you’d rather contribute to pads rotting in land fill, that’s even more gross’ I could go on. By all means educate, explain that actually cloth pads are equally hygienic and easy to use, but by shaming people who use disposables in this way makes you just as bad as the initial commenter. It is a personal choice, rumps are not for everybody, just as many of us would not switch back to disposables. But shaming disposables and branding them as ‘Vile’ and ‘cancer sticks’ just isn’t right, you have made your choice as to what you want to bleed on, just as others have made theirs.

I am not at any point saying don’t spread the word or don’t educate on the benefits of rumps, what I am saying is do this in a sensitive way and think before you speak, do not argue people down and guilt trip people. Keep in mind that whilst many of us use rumps there may be personal reasons why other people are unable to use them or they may simply not want to, that is also fine. Basically what I am saying is you choose what to put in your own fanny, let other people choose what to put in theirs, you are not superior in any way for using rumps, so don’t act as such! Yes you personally want to reduce the amount of pads going into landfill or avoid chemicals etc.. and that is fine, you do that, but shaming others for not following suit is just as bad as them calling reusable products gross or unhygienic.

I apologise for the rant, but it needed to be said, your fanny, your choice, simples.

#yourfannyyourchoice 😉


EDIT: for any over seas readers, Fanny is British slang for vagina. 😛